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Chinese-English-Indonesia Translation. Fast & Accurate.

Paket Premium



1. Translation for Chinese, English, Indonesia in any format,
2. For commercial use document with specific request,
3. Unlimited revisions,

Paket Dasar



1. English/Mandarin to Indonesia only
2. Translation for 100 words maximum
3. No Revision or Specific Request

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Kota Jakarta Barat
Grogol Petamburan
Bisa Dipanggil

Deskripsi Tambahan:

*) Extra discount for translation more than 30 pages.
*) 10% discount for Covid19 or medical related translations..

Alamat Jasa:

Mengapa Saya?

As an experienced Translator with a demonstrated history of working in translation, subtitle, system language localization industry and a strong education professional with a Bachelor of Arts - BA background focused in Chinese Language and Literature from Hunan Normal University, I am happy to help your translation needs with quality assurance and no automation.

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